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Massage Therapy has become an important part of general health care for many people living in today’s stressful world. Traditional healthcare systems throughout the world recognize that Therapeutic Massage can play an important role in treating illness or chronic ailments, and contribute to a higher sense of general well-being! With ever-expanding research on the beneficial effects of Massage, more Professionals are advising patients to include Therapeutic Massage in their health care treatment plans. Physicians, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are recommending more patients receive Massages for certain health conditions, while many employers and health insurance plans support the use of registered massage therapists. The Traditional Medical Massage of Thailand, more commonly known as ‘Thai Massage’ is one of the worlds oldest healing modalities.

It originated in India over 2500 years ago and was brought to this part of the world by a saint named Doctor Shivago Komarpahj. He was a contemporary of Buddha and many believe he was a personal physician to the King of India. With the spread of Buddhism this traditional way of healing also spread. During the early period it got widely popular in Southeast Asia as well as in China and Tibet and for centuries it was performed by monks as an element of indigenous Ayurvedic Healing. Thai Traditional Massage has fundamental Massage points called ‘Sen’ which has all the energy line. Massage points or energy line is controlled together with Prana or Breath. It helps to relieve fatigue, muscular cramping and nervous tension. It also helps in stimulating the blood and lymph circulation for physical fitness so as to improve body immunity. Thai Traditional Massage is similar in many ways to ‘Yoga’ since Thai Massage uses two primary procedures i.e. to apply gentle pressure with the hands and feet and a wide variety of passive stretching movements making it as effective as Yoga. Thai Traditional Massage has a custom to do ‘Wai’ before beginning the Massage. It’s an old age Buddhist tradition to pay respect to the opposite person and also to summon up the personal energy to concentrate on the condition of the individual. Thai Traditional Massage has the following benefits mentioned below which has lot of significance in attaining a healthy life.

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